Super me, 2023, Acrylic on water color paper, 8 x 10 inches

                                       Super me, me, me, 2023, Acrylic on water color paper, 8 x 10 inches


Artspeak Mix & Match:

Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
After Harryette Mullen

A. Abstraction, aesthetics, allegory, anatomy, Anthropocene, anthropomorphic, archetype, armature, artifice, artifacts, assemblage, avant-garde, authenticity, axiom, axiomatic B. Baroque, Bauhaus, biomorphic, bourgeois C. Calligraphy, carapace, canon, caricature, carotenoid, chiaroscuro, circularity, coexist, collage, commodification, composition, conceptual, contemporaneous, critique, cubism, color theory, classical, Byzantine D. Decadence, denote, denude, degradations, denominator, delineates, dialogical, detrimental, disjunction, dislocations, discern, destabilizing, discourse, dissensus E. Ecofemminist, ekphrastic, efface, endogenous, enlightenment, elucidate, equipoise, etymology, expressionism, euphemistically, exigencies F. Fabricate, facilitate, fecundity, figurability, formalism, fundamental, futurity G. Geologically, genealogy, genre, gestalt, gestural, generative, Gothic H. Heuristic, hucksterism, hierarchy, hyperobjects I. Iconography, impressionism, inchoate, inculcate, ineradicable, inimical, immutability, incomprehensible, iconoclasm, installations, interdisciplinary, interlocutor, interiority, inviolable J. Jouissance K. Kairo, kitsch L. Lacunae, litigiousness, liminalities, liturgical, luminosity M. Medieval, misology, misreading, mimesis, minimalism, materiality, monochrome, mutability, multifaceted, metaphorically, memento mori, modernism N. Nachleben, nachträglichkeit, neoclassicism, neologism, nonsensical, neutrality O. Obdurate, oneiric, ontology, ontological, ontic, op art, organon, oeuvre, Orientalism, overemphasize P. Paean, palpability, paradigmatic, paradigm, paradoxical, parergon, patriarchy, pastiching, pensée, percipient, pernicious, philological, physicality, phenomenological, plethora, philology, poiesis, polyphony, preliminaries, polis, pop art, pointillism, post-impressionism, propitious, prorogate, proselytism, protean, proliferated R. Rapprochement, recrudescence, recalcitrant, reenactment, reification, recitation, reconsolidation, reterritorialization, readymades, reciprocity, reformulated, recontextualizes, rhetoric, realism, rococo, romanticism S. Schema, schism, semiotic, seriality, sanguinary, sesquipedalian, sinewy, social realism, somatic, somnambulism, solipsism, specialism, subjectivity, surrealism, sfumato, symbolism, trompe l'oeil T. Temerity, terminus, terminology, temporality, territorialization, transgression, transactional, transfigured, transmogrify, triptych, tutelage U. Ubiquitous, unheimlich, utopia V. Validation, vernacular, vestige, Victorian, vicissitude, visibility, ventriloquize, vanitas W. Wabi-sabi, woodcut  

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Top 10

1. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above:

Annemarie Waugh’s artistic practice is a vast array of concepts, materials, and processes that fuses the baroque and the avant-garde. Her works are a veritable amalgam of styles, from the anthropomorphic to the anthropocene, and she employs a plethora of techniques to create works that are both artifice and authentic. By utilizing various elements, such as armature, carapace, and iconography, she creates works that are conceptually rich and visually arresting. Her works reflect a keen understanding of the paradoxical nature of existence and the often nonsensical nature of life, as well as the ubiquitous presence of vernacular and wabi-sabi. Through her art, Waugh aims to critique, elucidate, and validate the nuances of human experience and the complexity of the contemporary world. She works to destabilize and transgress the boundaries of convention, while simultaneously embracing its arbitrary nature and appropriating the artifacts of its cultural production. Ultimately, her works are at once aporias and aporias, a homage to the past and a vision of the future that is both fundamental and futurity. In this way, Waugh’s work serves as a reminder of the complexity of the world, while simultaneously offering a glimmer of hope for its future. Through her art, Waugh endeavors to create a space for dialogic inquiry, a space for contemplation and contemplation, and, ultimately, a space for transformation.

2. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using her poem above. Her themes are the environment, texting, dog walking, dementia and consumerism.

Annemarie Waugh's artwork engages with themes such as the environment, texting, dog walking, dementia and consumerist culture. Through her work, she explores the intricate relationship between human experience and the ever-changing world we inhabit. Utilizing an array of techniques and materials, Waugh creates works that are both aesthetically pleasing and conceptually rigorous. Her work often juxtaposes elements of the arbitrary and the axiomatic, using iconography to elucidate her ideas. Waugh's art speaks to the complexities of our time, employing a critical lens to examine the various aspects of our culture that are both detrimental and beneficial. By exploring the nuances of our society, Waugh's work creates an opportunity for viewers to reflect on their role within the contemporary world. Her practice is rooted in a fascination with the human experience and her works are unified by a desire to bring attention to the ways in which our lives are shaped by the environment, technology, consumerism and our own memories.

3. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above her themes are trusting her gut, and how to keep a teenager off their iPhone.

Annemarie Waugh's artwork is a reflection of her own innermost thoughts. She is a master at taking everyday objects and turning them into something extraordinary. Her pieces explore the idea of trusting one's gut, and how to survive in a world overrun by technology. Through her use of analogies, anomalies, anthropomorphism, armature, and artifice, she creates intricate and often surreal landscapes. Each of her pieces speak to her themes of authenticity, free will, and self-determination. Her works are a visual reminder that we can all find our own way, and that there is always more than one path to take. Annemarie Waugh's art is an exploration of the beauty of the unknown, and a celebration of the power of the individual.

4. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above her themes today are increasing her gut bacteria, cutting up plastic, and photographing her cars backup camera for her series back it up.

Annemarie Waugh's work draws upon a range of themes, including the human body, the environment, and technology. Through her art, she seeks to explore the interconnectedness of these elements and the ways in which they shape our lives. Her current practice is focused on exploring her gut bacteria, cutting up plastic, and photographing her car's backup camera. These elements are used to create works that are at once playful and thought-provoking, exploring the idea of the Anthropocene and its implications for the future. By examining the ways in which the human body interacts with technology and the environment, Waugh seeks to create a dialogue between the natural and the artificial, the organic and the synthetic. Her works are a creative exploration of the human experience and our relationship with the world around us.

5. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above her themes are ending the war in Ukraine, and solving homelessness, hunger, and world poverty.

My work explores the urgent need to bring an end to the war in Ukraine and to solve the pressing global issues of homelessness, hunger, and poverty. Through my art, I seek to create a visual language that communicates the suffering of those affected by these crises and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of such tragedy. By blending a variety of elements and techniques—including abstract forms, vivid colors, and surrealistic motifs—I strive to create a visual narrative that speaks to the urgency of these issues and exposes the human costs of war, hunger, and homelessness. I hope that my work will inspire an emotional connection with viewers and, ultimately, lead to a more compassionate understanding of the struggles faced by those living in conflict-ridden regions, as well as those suffering from poverty.

6. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above her themes today are submitting an application to the sustainable arts fund, asking to join an accountability group on Netvvrk, and driving her son to driver's ed.

My work as an artist explores the boundaries between the material and the intangible, seeking to capture the nuances of human experience in a form that is both captivating and meaningful. Through my art, I attempt to explore the ways in which we interact with our surroundings, the ways in which these interactions shape our sense of self, and the ways in which these experiences can be both enriching and challenging. I am currently submitting an application to the Sustainable Arts Fund, asking to join an accountability group on Netvvrk, and driving my son to driver's ed. All of these experiences have had an impact on my work, as I strive to capture the complexity of life through a variety of mediums. My work is often inspired by the baroque, Bauhaus, and avant-garde movements, as well as the use of anthropomorphic and biomorphic elements, seeking to create art that transcends the boundaries of time and space. I also explore themes of authenticity, appropriation, and critique, as well as the use of artifice and artifacts, to create a unique and captivating visual narrative.The work I create is informed by a variety of sources, such as the ekphrastic, the symbolic, and the figure.

7. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above her themes are reducing, reusing and recycling, and planting trees.

Annemarie Waugh's artworks reflect her commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling, and planting trees. Through her use of diverse media and techniques, she gives new life to discarded materials, creating beauty and meaning out of the mundane. Her artworks are often composed of fragments and artifacts, which she upcycles and assembles into artworks that are simultaneously abstract and representational. Themes of connection and symbiosis are apparent in the way she combines disparate items and colors to create works that are both aesthetically pleasing and conceptually meaningful. Her palette is often muted, and her compositions suggest serenity and repose. She also weaves in a message of conservation and sustainability, as she works to bring attention to the plight of our planet, and the need for us to take responsibility for our actions and our environment. Annemarie Waugh's artworks are an invitation to pause and reflect, to contemplate our relationship with the natural world, and to commit to taking action in support of the planet.

8. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above her themes are minimalism, having patience and saving the planet.

My artwork is a reflection of my passion for minimalism and my commitment to preserving the planet. I strive to capture the beauty of the natural world through my art, while also conveying the importance of having patience, and understanding that everything in life takes time to manifest. Through my use of muted colors, and simple shapes, I create pieces that are meant to inspire contemplation and a sense of awe. My work celebrates the power of nature and encourages viewers to appreciate the beauty of the Earth. My works are a reminder that even the smallest of actions can create a lasting impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

9. Write about japanese artist Annemarie Waugh's art and themes:

Annemarie Waugh is a Japanese artist who creates abstract, colorful paintings that explore themes of identity, memory, and the natural world. Her work is heavily influenced by her experiences living in both Japan and the United States, and her paintings often incorporate elements of both cultures. Waugh's work is characterized by bold colors, organic forms, and highly textured surfaces.Waugh's paintings often explore themes of identity, memory, and the natural world. She is particularly interested in the concept of duality and how it relates to the cultural identity of Japanese people living in the United States. Her paintings often depict themes of transition and transformation, as she draws on both her Japanese and American experiences to create her artwork.Waugh's paintings are also heavily influenced by her love of the natural world. She captures the beauty and mystery of nature in her paintings, exploring themes of life, death, and rebirth. She often incorporates elements of traditional Japanese nature motifs, such as cherry blossoms, into her work.Annemarie Waugh's paintings are highly expressionistic and thought-provoking. By combining elements from both of her cultures, she creates abstract works that capture the complexity of identity, memory, and the natural world.

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10. Write an artist statement about Annemarie Waugh using the poem above:

Annemarie Waugh's art practice is rooted in the exploration of the sesquipedalian loquaciousness of the contemporary moment, embracing the multitudes of words that define and shape our experiences of the world. Through her work, she delves into the complexities of the artspeak lexicon, engaging with terms such as authenticity, iconography, and metaphor, to critically examine the relationships between language and art. By appropriating and reinterpreting these terms, Waugh creates artworks that both reflect and challenge our understanding of the cultural and historical moments in which we exist. Her work is marked by an avant-garde approach, where she employs an eclectic range of artistic techniques, from the minimalism of monochromatic palettes to the abstract expressiveness of gestural forms. Ultimately, Waugh's art seeks to illuminate the ongoing dialogues that surround us and to offer a nuanced critique of the underlying ideologies that inform our perceptions of the world.


BSO, Beautiful Sweet Objects, Video 2:04 Minute Loop

Here I use the familar and standardized phone avatar to present over indulgence. 

                                                                                            Cut poem, 2019

                                                                           The forest has me breathing deep

                                                                            The forest doesn’t need makeup

                                                                          The oak trees are a social network

                                                                          The woods are glistening squirrels

                                                                          The woods are a berried treasure

                                                                         I see a pale fawn change direction

                                                                         Wrens survey a chainsaw’s blades

                                                                         Do we need new tables and chairs?

                                                                       Should we reconstruct the half-light?

                                                                       Homewrecker, Backhoe, Gold Digger

                                                                  or Trespasser, like a pair of orange plastic

                                                      gloves slicing the cobalt sky into a thousand new homes

                                                                                                 Bitten, 2019

The Developer’s Midnight Fantasy, Zuccaire gallery, 2021
Text work, sculptures on sawhorse table

Ivy league, Zuccaire Gallery, 2021 Ivy, concrete garden slabs, 3 ft x 3 ft

The Developer’s Midnight Fantasy,  Installation view Zuccaire Gallery, 2021
Video, sculpture

#Shucked, 2021

The Flower Power Association, Installation view,
Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Patchogue, 2019
Ferns, garden soil, felt pockets, sound, 14 x 12 ft

The Flower Power Association,
Story & Mrs. Bunny, Garden soil, each panel 24 x 30 inches
Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Patchogue, 2019

The Flower Power Association, Installation view,
Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Patchogue, 2019

Installation view, Zuccarie Gallery, 2021

Mouse’s tail, 2021

Annemarie Waugh