Super me, 2023, Acrylic on water color paper, 8 x 10 inches

Super me, me, me, 2023, Acrylic on water color paper, 8 x 10 inches

BSO, Beautiful Sweet Objects, Video 2:04 Minute Loop


Art speak Mix & Match:

Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
After Harryette Mullen

Artsy-fartsy arbitrary aesthetics anthropocene artifacts axiom armature appropriation artifice actom avant-garde aporias analogous anomaly anthropomorphic authenticity aggregate allatonceness ameliorate anteriority aporia apostasy automatism autoperception axiomatic Biomorphic baroque bauhaus biomorphic bourgeoi Carotenoid critique contemporaneous conceptual commodification canon coexis contextualizing chiaroscuro curvilinear circularity commons concomitant caesura carapace chimera circulationism cogito cognate concomitant consecration constellation Cubism cybernetic Detrimental discourse dissensus dichotomized discursive delineates diagrammatic degradations dislocations destabilizing distern dialogical denominations delimiting dasein datum denude diaphanous dimensionality discursiveness disinterested denoting disjunction deterritorialization doyenn Epistemology expressionism euphemistically emergence ephemerality ecclesiastical efface ekphrastic elucidate endogenous enstatured envisage equipoise etymology exigencie Facilitate fundamental fabricate futurity fecundity figurabilit Gestalt gestural geologically generative genealog Hyperobject hierarchy hyperspecificity heuristic hucksterism Institutional installations ideology interlocutor ineradicable inimical inviolable inchoate inculcate incomprehensible immutable impropriety iconography interiority interdisciplinary iconoclasm Jouissance Kairo Liminalities luminosity liturgical lacunae litigiousness Materiality minimalist malfunctions mimesis monochromatic misreading mutability multifaceted metaphorically mellifluous milieu meconnaissance memento mori misology Neutrality nonsensical nachleben nachträglichkeit neologism noumenon Ontological oeuvre overemphasize obdurate oneiric ontic ontology organon Phenomenological pastiching palpability preconceptions paradoxical paradigmatic pluralistic physicality preliminaries poiesis polyphony pernicious prosopopoeia proliferated paean parergon pensée percipient pharmakon philological placatory polis propitious prorogate proselytism protean patriarchy paradigm Recontextualizes readymades reformulated recitation reenactment rhetoric reciprocity reterritorialization rapprochement recalcitrant reconsolidation recrudescence reification Specialism sesquipedalian semiotic seriality subjectivity symbolism surreality sonority sanguinary schemata schism simulacra solipsism somatic somnambulism syntactical sinew Temporality territorialization terminology triptych transactional temerity terminous tutelage transfigured transgression transmogrify Ubiquitous unheimlich utopia Visibility validation ventriloquize vernacular vestige vicissitude volitional Wabi-sabi           

                                                                                            Cut poem, 2019

                                                                            The forest has me breathing deep

                                                                             The forest doesn’t need makeup

                                                                          The oak trees are a social network

                                                                          The woods are glistening squirrels

                                                                          The woods are a berried treasure

                                                                         I see a pale fawn change direction

                                                                         Wrens survey a chainsaw’s blades

                                                                         Do we need new tables and chairs?

                                                                       Should we reconstruct the half-light?

                                                                       Homewrecker, Backhoe, Gold Digger

                                                                 or Trespasser, like a pair of orange plastic

                                                      gloves slicing the cobalt sky into a thousand new homes

                                                                                                 Bitten, 2019

The Developer’s Midnight Fantasy, Zuccaire gallery, 2021
Text work, sculptures on sawhorse table

Ivy league, Zuccaire Gallery, 2021 Ivy, concrete garden slabs, 3 ft x 3 ft

The Developer’s Midnight Fantasy,  Installation view Zuccaire Gallery, 2021
Video, sculpture

#Shucked, 2021

The Flower Power Association, Installation view,
Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Patchogue, 2019
Ferns, garden soil, felt pockets, sound, 14 x 12 ft

The Flower Power Association,
Story & Mrs. Bunny, Garden soil, each panel 24 x 30 inches
Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Patchogue, 2019

The Flower Power Association, Installation view,
Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Patchogue, 2019

Costumes by Marta Baumiller, In studio Photographs by Cliff Baldwin

Musicians play as dancers walk down the hill, Video still

Rabbit + chipmonk, Video still 2021

Barking mad, 2021, House paint on bark, 9 x 12 inches

And snail, moth & bat, 2021, Plastic bags, netting, flagging tape on bark paper, 24 x 30 inches

Berried treasure, 2021, Holly berries, concrete & House paint, 4 x 10 inches

Installation day, Zuccaire Gallery, 2021

Installation view, Zuccarie Gallery, 2021

Mouse’s tail, 2021

Ivy league, 2021

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