Annemarie Waugh is a British American visual artist

My artwork is a series of experiments 
My artwork is layered
My artwork is research based
My artwork is full of color
My artwork glides across disciplines
My artwork is driven by wordplay
My artwork is this poem

My work emerges in the interdisciplinary space of painting, social practice, photography, & design. I’m currently investigating Chatbots in everyday moments.



Annemarie Waugh is a British born, New York-based visual artist, designer and educator predominantly working with painting, photography and installation with a dash of poetry layered in, where she explores topics of AI, dementia, and the climate crisis. Her practice encompasses research based works, and public projects that involve community participation.

Waugh received her MFA in Studio Art from Stony Brook University and BA (Hons) from Central Saint Martins. Based on the Northshore of Long Island, she has exhibited her work at venues including MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Patchogue, Christie’s and The Royal College of Art, London, Orchard Street Gallery, NYC, Front Street Gallery, Brooklyn, Farmingdale State College, The Islip Museum, The Zuccaire Gallery, You + Me, Artist Films, Berlin, The Long Island Museum, Gallery North, Serendip Gallery, Kobe, Japan, Aferro Gallery, NJ, and Chase Contemporary, Bridgehampton among others.

Sponsorships include the Stephanie Dinkins Kusama Scholarship, The Office of Inclusion & Diversity, Stony Brook University, and The Ashley Schiff Scholarship. Special projects include; The New York Times, Paddy Johnson, Wrkshop, The World Finanical Center, Raygun Magazine, The Boston Globe, Doctors Without Borders, Paul Smith, London, Freuds, London, and AIGA NYC chapter among others. Waugh teaches visual art at Suffolk County Community College. Her artworks can be found in many public and corporate collections including; The Long Island Museum, VH1, Man Made Music, Warehouse, UK and Doyle Partners.


Artspeak Mix & Match:

Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
After Harryette Mullen

A. Abstraction, aesthetics, allegory, anatomy, Anthropocene, anthropomorphic, archetype, armature, artifice, artifacts, assemblage, avant-garde, authenticity, axiom, axiomatic B. Baroque, Bauhaus, biomorphic, bourgeois C. Calligraphy, carapace, canon, caricature, carotenoid, chiaroscuro, circularity, coexist, collage, commodification, composition, conceptual, contemporaneous, critique, cubism, color theory, classical, Byzantine D. Decadence, denote, denude, degradations, denominator, delineates, dialogical, detrimental, disjunction, dislocations, discern, destabilizing, discourse, dissensus E. Ecofemminist, ekphrastic, efface, endogenous, enlightenment, elucidate, equipoise, etymology, expressionism, euphemistically, exigencies F. Fabricate, facilitate, fecundity, figurability, formalism, fundamental, futurity G. Geologically, genealogy, genre, gestalt, gestural, generative, Gothic H. Heuristic, hucksterism, hierarchy, hyperobjects I. Iconography, impressionism, inchoate, inculcate, ineradicable, inimical, immutability, incomprehensible, iconoclasm, installations, interdisciplinary, interlocutor, interiority, inviolable J. Jouissance K. Kairo, kitsch L. Lacunae, litigiousness, liminalities, liturgical, luminosity M. Medieval, misology, misreading, mimesis, minimalism, materiality, monochrome, mutability, multifaceted, metaphorically, memento mori, modernism N. Nachleben, nachträglichkeit, neoclassicism, neologism, nonsensical, neutrality O. Obdurate, oneiric, ontology, ontological, ontic, op art, organon, oeuvre, Orientalism, overemphasize P. Paean, palpability, paradigmatic, paradigm, paradoxical, parergon, patriarchy, pastiching, pensée, percipient, pernicious, philological, physicality, phenomenological, plethora, philology, poiesis, polyphony, preliminaries, polis, pop art, pointillism, post-impressionism, propitious, prorogate, proselytism, protean, proliferated R. Rapprochement, recrudescence, recalcitrant, reenactment, reification, recitation, reconsolidation, reterritorialization, readymades, reciprocity, reformulated, recontextualizes, rhetoric, realism, rococo, romanticism S. Schema, schism, semiotic, seriality, sanguinary, sesquipedalian, sinewy, social realism, somatic, somnambulism, solipsism, specialism, subjectivity, surrealism, sfumato, symbolism, trompe l'oeil T. Temerity, terminus, terminology, temporality, territorialization, transgression, transactional, transfigured, transmogrify, triptych, tutelage U. Ubiquitous, unheimlich, utopia V. Validation, vernacular, vestige, Victorian, vicissitude, visibility, ventriloquize, vanitas W. Wabi-sabi

Annemarie Waugh