CANvas Food Drive

Pyramid of collected CANS, 2021

Wall Print, 2021

CANvas Food Drive

1.5 Million New Yorkers Can’t Afford Food and Food Pantries Are Their Lifeline.
Tens of thousands have shown up at food banks since the pandemic began.
People who were already going to the pantries have grown more reliant on them. – The New York Times

I decided instead of spending $$$ on art supplies I would buy cans of food and
other nonperishable foods and turn them into an art installation. Nonperishable
foods will be accepted at the gallery and at the end of the show all the foods collected will be delivered to local food pantries.

The goal is to bring awareness and food to where it’s needed. I created labels for
the donated cans featuring British Food slang. There is a set of 44 different British food expression labels such as; Bubble & Squeak, fairy cake, scotch egg. The labels wrap around a can of food. The cans are then stacked and displayed in the gallery, or public space, on restaurant tables and shelves.

Viewers are invited to make a food donation of nonperishable foods and include
some canned food (the list of foods accepted will be displayed). They can select a
British food label (All 44 labels will be printed out displayed on a workstation table nearby), they can then select and wrap the label around a can. In the final step they place their newly wrapped can with it’s British label on the stacked display along with the other cans. A Covid friendly setup.

As an artists gesture I have created some signed prints on watercolor paper of
these labels and food givers are welcome to take one.

Inside Judd’s loft on Spring Street in New York City

An anodized-aluminum desk and chair (left) and bookshelf

So, the furniture is not at all just a weak, watered-down cousin of the sculpture but a unique contribution to the field of furniture design, created by a moiré effect between writing and sculpture. 

architecture restuarant (left) and studio in New York

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