Annemarie Waugh was born in England to Irish parents. She discovered early in her life a passion for drawing and, a bit later, a passion for poetry. She has a BA from Saint Martins College of Art and an MFA from Stony Brook University. She has worked on commissions and projects for Paul Smith (London), Doctors Without Borders, The New York Times, Showtime Networks and VH1. Her works have been exhibited at Christe’s London, Orchard Street Galleries, NYC, and Patchogue Arts Council, MOCA LI, among others. 

Waugh incorporates messy things—including her stories and poems, plants, nail polish, found objects, and her voice. Currently, she is scribbling like mad, writing glitchy British bits and painting with plastic. Her stories explore the environment through humor and the characters she makes up. She brings attention to environmental and social concerns that affect us all by using sound, text, humor, and material exploration. She begins with research. From there, she chooses a title, which acts as a conceptual framework for her work. The origins of her practice is rooted in memories and intuitions. Working intuitively, experimenting, and working on many projects at the same time.

Head in the clouds, 2022


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